This week we welcome three new ARC members: the Consumers’ Association of Penang, the Society for International Development, and Sahabat Alam Malaysia (Friends of the Earth Malaysia). We are delighted that they join in our shared mission of tackling antimicrobial resistance and that they commit to the shared principles that gave foundation to the Coalition’s work.
The Society for International Development (SID) an international network founded in 1957 to serve as a global forum dedicated to sustainable economic, social and political development. Through the locally-driven programs of member organizations and individuals, the majority of whom work on the front lines of development, SID informs and promotes more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable international development. The network is spread across more than 30 chapters and 3,000 members in more than 50 countries. The Secretariat has offices in Dar es-Salaam (Tanzania), Nairobi (Kenya), and Rome (Italy). The SID Rome office specifically is very actively engaged with the FAO processes, especially the Committee on World Food Security.
The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) is a leading NGO in Malaysia that was established in 1970. Through the years, the scope of CAP’s concerns has expanded from matters of daily living such as product price and quality to more complex problems of meeting basic human needs, saving the environment from further deterioration, safeguarding human health, advocating for food security and sustainable livelihoods. CAP has also been actively engaging in human development activities through education, training, capacity building, community based programs, women’s empowerment, and in advocating a form of development, lifestyle and culture which is ecologically sustainable. As a defender of consumer rights and interests, CAP organizes community awareness campaigns on a broad spectrum of consumer, health, social, economy and environment issues that involves research, education, capacity building, organizing and media work. Rational use of antibiotics and AMR are issues that CAP has worked on since the 1970s.
Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) (Friends of the Earth Malaysia) is involved in a variety of activities and campaigns to ensure that environmental justice is linked to social justice and that development choices and the management of natural resources are sustainable and ecologically-sound. It supports the struggle of the indigenous peoples in defending their indigenous customary rights and the natural resources of the tropical rainforests. Sustainable agriculture and the environmental impact of industrial agriculture (including intensive aquaculture) are among SAM’s focus areas. Established in 1977, SAM has been a member of the Friends of the Earth International since 1983.We look forward to fruitful collaborations down the road as these three groups contribute to the Coalition’s important work on antimicrobial resistance.