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The ARC Newsletter captures key meetings and developments, as well as news and resources, on antibiotic resistance for Coalition members and partners. This newsletter is prepared and published through ReAct North America/Strategic Policy Program at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Please share items for consideration for inclusion in future newsletters by writing to Joshua Woo.

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May 2018 - Thirty civil society groups convene to chart next steps for a concerted effort to tackle AMR

April 2018 - Health Action International reports drivers of irrational antibiotic use in Europe

March 2018 - ARC members seize the ADUFA reauthorization as an opportunity to reduce antibiotic use in animal agriculture

February 2018 - Stopping the misuse of antibiotics in food production: ARC members reach over half a million people

January 2018 - ARC members call upon UN Interagency Coordination Group for greater transparency and civil society input


December 2017 - How significant is the drop in U.S. livestock sales of antibiotics - ARC members give their take

November 2017 - The WHO releases guidelines on the use of medically important antimicrobials in food-producing animals - ARC members respond

October 2017 - Junior Doctors Network (JDN) and ReAct AMR workshop on “The Societal Role of Physicians in Meeting the Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance,” featuring several ARC members

September 2017 - Release of the Third Chain Reaction Report and ARC member joint submission to the WHO Monitoring & Evaluation framework consultation

August 2017 - ARC members Develop a Joint Submission for the IACG Work Plan Consultation

July 2017 - Civil Society Roundtable on AMR with Marc Sprenger

June 2017 - Madre Terra: Una Sola Salud (Mother Earth: One Health)

May 2017 - Antimicrobial Resistance at the 70th World Health Assembly

April 2017- KFC commits to protect antibiotics: A major victory for consumers and our health

March 2017 - The Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue Hosts Side Meeting on "Consumer Health, Consumer Action, and Antimicrobial Resistance"

February 2017 - WHO releases global priority pathogens list towards prioritizing antibiotic R&D

January 2017 - ARC members make statement on progress on AMR at WHO EB Meeting


December 2016 - Year in Review of the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition

November 2016 - ARC members activities during World Antibiotic Awareness Week

October 2016 - ARC members participate in the 7th Meeting of WHO AGISAR and WHO-WTO-WIPO Technical Symposium on AMR

September 2016 - UN General Assembly

August 2016Stakeholders weigh in on negotiations around UN High-Level Meeting on AMR

July 2016 - Member States at the UN continue negotiations around UN High-Level Meeting on AMR

June 2016 - Experts discuss AMR at UN Briefing

Special Edition - UN Briefing on AMR

May 2016 - Pre-World Health Assembly

April 2016 - WHO, FAO, and OIE host briefing on AMR at United Nations

March 2016 - AMR discussed at UN High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines

February 2016 - WHO to host consultation on global development and stewardship framework on February 29, regional workshops in March and April

January 2016 - Response to colistin begins, with MCR-1 gene detected in more countries


December 2015- Resistance to last-resort antibiotic colistin found in multiple countries among humans, animals, and meat

November 2015World Antibiotic Awareness Week: November 16-20
October 2015  – G7 makes joint commitment on combating antimicrobial resistance
September 2015European biopharmaceutical companies call for incentives, similar to those sought by US industry, for antibiotic R&D

August 2015 - Antimicrobial resistance highlighted as a Sustainable Development Goal in final UN Draft of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

July 2015 - Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics current issue on Antibiotic Resistance features proposals from ARC members

June 2015 - Campaign to End Subway’s Sourcing of Meat Produced with Antibiotics

May 2015 - May 2015 ARC Newsletter – World Health Assembly Adopts Global Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance
February 2015 -  OECD Analysis of Global Antimicrobial Use in the Livestock Sector