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Curbing Antibiotic Use in Food and Agriculture
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The Declaration

In May 2014, the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition launched the 'Declaration on Antibiotic Resistance' to advocate for policy change and action to prevent the post-antibiotic era from becoming a bleak reality. The Declaration calls for international leadership to take actions such as:

  • Prohibit the mis-promotion and advertising of antibiotics;
  • Promote new, needs-driven and open research and development models based on the principle of delinkage;
  • Phase out the use of antibiotics from routine disease prevention in livestock and end their use, altogether, for growth promotion;
  • Build robust systems, in all countries, to monitor and report antibiotic use and resistance trends in humans and animals; and
  • Improve public awareness to support an ecological understanding of the human-bacterial interaction and behavior change around antibiotic use.

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